Our planet is precious and we have taken our responsibility seriously. While a small tourism provider, we are aiming to reduce our impacts on the environment in the following ways:

  • We have installed water saving showers in all our rooms, saving 60% of water compared to normal showers.
  • We purchase glass bottles for all our non-alcoholic beverages, and all glass bottles are recycled.
  • We recycle on average 30 litres or food waste a-day and on average 50 litres recyclable containers, 90% of our waste is recyclable. In high season this will likely to double if not treble.
  • We purchase many of our regular products from local farmers and producers, some meters from our house, to reduce CO2 from transport.
  • We grow some of our own vegetables and herbs and water from rooms, floor cleaning and unused water is used to support the watering of plants and flowers. Even our coffee grinds goes onto plants, makes a natural environmental slug deterrent.
  • We wash linens locally in eco-friendly products and we provide Paraban free shower products in large bottles to reduce need to recycle plastic.
  • We’ve installed low energy lighting across the house and motion sensor lights in common areas.
  • Our heating system is thermo-exchange using existing air temperature with re-insulated ceiling.

As a sustainability award winner in 2016 in London, we take our responsibility seriously and instil the values as much as possible. We are continuously looking at ways to reduce our impact on the plant.