Everyone loves the Irish

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In preparation for festival of St Patrick, we are providing some little gems and insights to what it is to be Irish…..

Saint Patrick’s Day is a major event for the Irish, and everyone who love them. You don’t have to be Irish to enjoy St Patrick’s Day, and it’s not all about getting drunk. It’s about celebrating the Irish, and their contribution to the world. It’s about their values of friendliness, family focus and sense of community.

A lot has changed since the day of a portraited archbishop allegedly damning all snakes. This being a metaphor for converting from evil to a religion, rather than being heathens, or so the legend goes. I dare say the man didn’t know what whisky was, nor Guinness, especially as neither would have been invented).

So, how many Irish do you know of? I suspect more than you realise. The Irish are a global diaspora that are almost everywhere and bring their contribution to local society. They are known for hard work, their gaiety. They’re a lot further removed than’ Father Ted, and the many stereotypical images we see. Now they are leaders in technology, agriculture and banking services globally.

The Irish government has a strategic aim to focus on promoting the Irish abroad. It is both simple and effective. Their aim is “Helping Irish people and people of Irish descent maintain their connections to Ireland and each other, through information and support”.

Here in France, there a focus on this through an association called ‘Irish in France’. This is a virtual community supporting the Irish community established here and those emigrating. It promotes us as a valuable entity in France and connects French and Irish together.

So, in this week of all things ‘Irishness’, go and say hello to your local Irish, and join them as they celebrate their national Saint, who, let’s face it, is loved everywhere.

La Petite Auberge de Carennac is running a St Patrick weekend, with a fusion of traditional and Irish food with live Irish music. There are some places still remaining for the St Patrick;s Day lunch (12h00) to find out more go to http://www.petiteaubergecarennac.com/restaurant

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