Our new normal and exiting confinement

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There is something psychologically important about having the freedom to go anywhere (within 100km) whenever you want. The most striking thing this morning was you could leave the house without a formal piece of paper saying what you are doing. It is both liberating and refreshing.

But our new normal is far from normal. You still think COVID. For us, we are staying and home and staying safe. We have few reasons to go out. Yes we can access some shops we couldn’t; collect the fridge we bought 2 months ago; but these can wait, we will let the rush happen. For us, staying at home and staying safe is more important.

So, was physical exercise; it was the one thing I suffered from. I am not the most physical person out there. But I was so much wanting spring to arrive here in France that I could get on the bike and cycle. Alas, that wasn’t permitted, because they didn’t was bike accidents 9not that there were any cars!) The impact hasn’t been good, I’ve put on weight but now I can, even if it is a circular 15km it’s further than I could before (1km maximum, with a permit of course).

So what does our new normal look like compared to yesterday? In fact little difference, but we await an understanding of what our future looks like. The impact of the relaxation if positive could mean by June we start to open; tourists may start to come back; but if people don’t heed the advice, then that will take longer. In the mean time we stay at home and stay safe.

Photo by Jeremy Bishop from Pexels

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Notre nouvelle norme

Il y a quelque chose de psychologiquement important dans le fait d’avoir la liberté d’aller n’importe où (dans un rayon de 100 km) quand on veut. La chose la plus frappante ce matin était que vous pouviez quitter la maison sans un papier officiel disant ce que vous faites. C’est à la fois libérateur et rafraîchissant.


COVID et votre securité

Nous prenons votre santé et votre sécurité très au sérieux ici à La Petite Auberge de Carennac. Nous restons actuellement fermés conformément aux exigences françaises. La situation sera réexaminée le 2 juin, et à partir de cette date, nous ouvrirons en conséquence, conformément à la réglementation en vigueur.


COVID-19 and your safety – May 9 update

We take your health and safety very seriously here at La Petite Auberge de Carennac. We currently remain closed in line with French requirements. This is being reviewed on June 2nd, and from then, we will open in accordingly with the regulations set.

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