Saint Brigid, the first patron Saint in Spring

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Today marks the start the pagan festival of spring, and celebrates Brigid, one of Ireland’s patron saints and also a fertility goddess in Celtic mythology.

Mythodology says, she as a child, wagered for ground from the then King of Leinster for the size of her cloak for her to create a convent. He agreed laughing. She laid her cloak down and it grew, and grew, and grew. The King was told it would take over the most of his lands unless her repented for the way he treated the poor and he then gave her a large amount of land, which today is known as the Curragh in County Kildare. The King later became a Catholic and helped fund the convent, which became known for making jam is also referred to today as giving honour to Brigid.

Incidentally, the Irish liturgical (Church) calendar places Brigid ahead of St Patrick, the national patron Saint of Ireland in recognition of her work.


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