To bee or not to bee

To bee or not to bee

As a ‘green’ tourist venue, and advocates of ecotourism, we have invested this year in our first bee hive, or as they say here in France a ‘ruche’.

For us this is important. One of the reasons we moved to France was to be closer to nature; and a life without bees means we don’t live. It’s our first attempt. We’re learning, making a few basic mistakes, and we will catalogue for people our learning this year.

We’ve bought a basic bee-hive kit from Brive-la-Galliarde; it was a birthday present and ordered the bees. They’ve just arrived and we have installed them. That was fun! Not! having got stung because it was a hot day and in fact we should have left them alone. Buit we have them in and they’re happily buzzing away in their hive….. so let’s see what happens…..



preparing_the_apiary  bee-hive_in_place


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